Ways And Events To Record Memories And Growth Of A Child

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Ways And Events To Record Memories And Growth Of A Child

Children grow at a very fast pace before you even realize it. Time flies by and so it is always a wise idea to record and preserve the memories of your children so that you can cherish them later. Moreover, your kids will just love to see them when they grow up and you all will have a wonderful time together by relishing on the childhood memories. So today we will focus and understand about some of the most effective ways to record memories and growth of a child.

  • Old Toys: Do not throw away all the childhood toys of your kids and preserve the special ones for your children to see when they grow up. Favorite childhood toys carry wonderful memories and it will be really interesting for them to see the old toys and recollect about the old times when they used to play with them. These toys will act as a memory booster and your kids will be able to recollect about their sweet and fun moments of childhood.

  • Create A LOL Album: Do not delete the funny and awkward photos of your children. Instead, preserve them by creating a separate album for it so that you can look back to them whenever you feel like and laugh about the childhood mischiefs and funny moment of your kids. Moreover, as your kids see them their past gets stored in their memories permanently and they learn to laugh at themselves once in a while as they browse through the pictures.

  • Record Your Special Events: Today in the modern world of internet and smartphone it has become very easy to record and share special memories and events with anyone you like. Do not forget to make videos of certain special events related to your children like birthdays, outings or first day at school and keep them handy. Videos of these special events with your loved ones will be everlasting and you will cherish them for years to come.

  • Preserve Memories Using Baby Clothes: Baby clothes can be used effectively to preserve and store certain memories of your children. You can use small pieces of the clothes and make a collage listing down the special day of your kids like the first adventure, the first cry, first walking attempt of your child and many more. Further, you can also make a wonderful patchwork quilt using the baby clothes or a teddy bear or a finer piece of art and frame it in your kid’s room.

  • Good Time Jar: Make a good time jar and drop in a note whenever anything good happens to your child. It might be anything like a wonderful day out with your kid or scoring brilliant marks in an examination. All these sweet memories will accumulate in the jar and after many years you may take it out one by one and the memories of the happy moments of your kid will surely bring a big smile on your face.

Childhood is a wonderful part of your kid’s life. Apply these wonderful ways and preserve your sweet memories for a lifetime.